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Pitt Meadows food trucks

pitt meadows food trucks

If you did a search for PItt Meadows food trucks you of course will find a range of results from links to government food truck requirements to places such as perfect caterer who provides a service that allows people looking for food trucks or traditional caterers to book them with one easy step.  But at the top of the results you will most likely find a sneaky little spot called the PItt Meadows food truck spot, located at 11190 Bonson road.  The gentleman who runs this location is the pioneer of food trucks being in PItt Meadows and is the main reason the city now allows food trucks in other parts of the city.  Before he started his food truck location they did not allow food trucks at all, at least for street parking.  I am sure he had some epic battles with the city during his process of setting up his food truck location.  Because of this hard work the city of PItt Meadows has somewhat opened it’s doors to food trucks.  


They now offer a few locations that food trucks can open other than the Pitt Meadows food truck spot.   


The city of PItt Meadows has allowed food trucks for many years to attend city run events such as PItt Meadows day, a large event with food trucks, fireworks parade, and other fun stuff.   PItt Meadows day has been around for over 80 years and still going strong to this day.  I actually grew up in Maple Ridge the city next to Pitt Meadows and attended the event multiple times as a teen.  I remember it being a lot bigger back then but it could be my age at the time and everything seemed bigger when you’re younger.


We hope that the food truck options grow and the city opens up a little more to allow food truck catering,  and more locations for the food trucks to park.  At least they are heading in the right direction.


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