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It has never been easier to hire a food truck for catering in Vancouver.  There are over 100 food trucks in the Vancouver regional district and many of them offer their catering services.  But keep in mind certain times of year book up fast so book early.  

Please read our hire a food truck catering page to see some of the things to ensure a smooth booking.


There are many reasons to hire food trucks for catering in Vancouver. Here are some benefits:

  1. One of the best reasons is because of the unique and diverse cuisine: Vancouver is known for its diverse culinary scene, and food trucks in Vancouver offer a wide range of unique and delicious cuisine options. Whether you want Mexican, Indian, Korean, or Canadian cuisine such as poutine, you can find a food truck that specializes in it. Hiring food trucks can add a fun and exciting element to your event, and allow your guests to enjoy a variety of dishes and flavors.

  2. Flexible and customizable menus: Food trucks in Vancouver offer flexible and customizable menus that can be tailored to your catering needs. You can work with the food truck to create a menu that meets your dietary restrictions, preferences, and budget. This can include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other options.

  3. Affordable and convenient: Food trucks in Vancouver offer affordable catering options that can fit within your budget. Please read our how much does it cost to rent a food truck article.  They also provide a convenient and hassle-free way to cater your event, as they can set up and serve the food at your location, without the need for a separate kitchen or equipment.

  4. Mobile and versatile: Food trucks in Vancouver are mobile and versatile, which means they can cater events of all sizes and locations. They can park in outdoor venues, parks, or on private property, and serve food to your guests. They can also move to different locations throughout the event, providing a unique and dynamic catering experience.

Overall, hiring food trucks for catering in Vancouver can provide a fun, unique, and delicious catering experience that your guests will remember.


Food trucks can be a great option for catering in a variety of situations. Here are some instances when using a food truck for catering can be particularly beneficial:

  1. Outdoor Events: Food trucks are an excellent choice for outdoor events such as festivals, fairs, and outdoor concerts. They can easily set up their mobile kitchen at the event site and provide delicious food to attendees.

  2. Corporate Events: Food trucks can be a fun and unique option for corporate events such as company picnics or team building events. They can provide a range of menu options that can suit different dietary requirements, and the interactive nature of food trucks can promote team building and engagement.

  3. Weddings: Food trucks can add a fun and unique touch to a wedding reception. They can provide a range of menu options that can cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. Food trucks can also be a great option for outdoor weddings, where a traditional catering service may not be feasible.

  4. Private Parties: Food trucks can be a great option for private parties such as birthday parties or graduation parties. They can provide a range of menu options that can suit different tastes, and the interactive nature of food trucks can provide a memorable experience for guests.

  5. Fundraisers: Food trucks can be a great option for fundraisers, as they can attract attendees with their unique menu options and interactive nature. They can also be a cost-effective catering option, which can help maximize the funds raised at the event.

In summary, food trucks can be a great option for catering in a variety of situations, particularly in outdoor events, corporate events, weddings, private parties, and fundraisers.

If you would like help in finding the Perfect Caterer please feel free to fill our our catering request form and have caterers contact YOU sometimes within minutes!  Catering Request  You can also search them out directly and contact them individually by going to our Vancouver food trucks listing page.

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