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caterer FAQ

Credits are basically used like cash. Currently there is only one way to use credits and thats by viewing a full catering request which shows you the contact info as well as some other data about the catering request. This deducts from your available credits. You can add credits to your account by using our purchase buttons found on you My Account page.

You can purchase extra credits by using the buttons on your My Account page once you have logged in.  We use Stripe to process your payment, your account will be instantly credited once the transaction has been approved.  We do not keep your credit card on file or even pass the info from our server.

No, your credits do not expire.  This is one of the reasons we went with the credit system instead of a membership based one.  We know caterers and certainly food trucks can be off over the winter or during slow times.  You only spend what you want and the rest will remain in your account.

Yes you can.  Currently there are two options to earn credits and you can read more about them by clicking on the links on the My Account page.

Option 1:  Refer a catering request.  If you are not going to take a catering job that you have received from your website or any other way, you can refer them to our site using the referral link  found on the My Account page and once they submit a request you earn 10 credits.  This is a great way to earn something from a lost opportunity.

Option 2:  You can place a link to our site anywhere on the homepage of your website and you will receive 50 credits.  You will need to fill out the link request form once you have added our link, again this can be found on the My Account page.  Once approved and the link has been verified you will be credited with 50 credits.

Yes, you get one location and one cuisine when you sign up.  For example, Metro Vancouver and Asian Cuisine.  If you service more than one location and would like to add another like the Fraser Valley and Asian cuisine you can click on the Add Cuisine/Region link on the My Account page.

This will add another location/cuisine to your account as well as your current.  You then will get notified of new catering requests from both regions/cuisines.



We charge a fee to add a location/cuisine because we don't want people taking advantage of the system and adding every location and cuisine.  We only want people to target the locations and foods they offer.

This is a new business and we have another food related business that takes up most of our time.  So phone calls typically would not be possible.  The best way you can contact us is by using the contact form or directly email us.  HERE

Yes, currently you will need to contact us to do this.  Please use the contact us form to request the change.  Please include your current location and cuisine and what you would like to change it to.  We do not charge a fee for this as your keeping one location/cuisine.

Honestly, we have been asked this a few times, and we can understand with all the scams going around that you would be cautious.  But rest assured there are MUCH easier ways to scam people than spending the time, money, building a website, app and promoting to customers and caterers.  Literally hundreds of hours of our time to just get this business up and running and we have hundreds more hours of work to do.

On top of the cost and effort that has gone into thist we are giving away 25 credits to new caterers/food trucks so they can test the service absolutely free, no credit card, no billing address even.  We would not do that if we just wanted to scam you.  There would be no point.

We also have been verified by Stripe, Apple & Android (Google) via our apps and have developer accounts with them.

So we hope over time we can earn your trust and help you realize that this business is here to help you find good catering/events leads.