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perfect caterer referral program


We are very happy to offer our Perfect Caterer referral program.  What is it you may ask?  Let me explain.

Our referral program is a great way for you to earn some extra credits from catering jobs you cannot do or turn down.  

Let's say you receive a catering request from any source, your website, email, from another vender… and you don't wish to book or cannot because you're already booked.  You can refer them to our site using your referral url.  Once they submit a catering request using our form on the site, you will earn credits.   Currently the referral payout is 10 credits which equals $10

This is a great way to earn something when normally you would have gained nothing.  Since you're paid in credits, you can then use the credits on our site to contact other catering requests in the system.

You can also place the link to our site directly on your site or any other place you would like to gain referrals, for example facebook…  If you see someone asking for a caterer/food truck feel free to use your referral link to refer them.

You already can take advantage of our referral program by getting the referral links found on the My Account page.