why choose perfect caterer


I would like to explain why we started this service. Most people who want a caterer or food truck do not know the costs in acquiring work.  We KNOW the catering & food truck businesses and have over 18 years of combined experience in the industry.  One thing we have found is how fragmented it is and how many businesses go under due to the inability to find work without paying large fees or advertising costs.  The catering and food truck businesses need alternatives to expensive advertising and/or event organizers who take a large portion of the sales.  Not only does it take a lot of money to get work, it takes a lot of time searching out events and catering jobs.  Not only do we NOT take a percentage of sales, we also do not refer food trucks to customers based on how much the caterer is willing to pay us.  When you submit a form on our site it goes to ALL services providers in the areas YOU selected.  They then have equal opportunity to reply to you and offer their services.

Besides the benefits to the caterers/food trucks, what are the benefits to you or your business when using Perfect Caterer?  Below I mention some of the reasons why you should use our service, but first I would like to start off by explaining that Perfect Caterer is not just for catering jobs, we also allow you to find food trucks for events and other non catered jobs.  So feel free to fill out our catering request form even if you don’t want to pay a food truck or caterer to attend your event. Please read our article on how to have a food truck attend your event.  Another good read is our food truck catering article for more clarification on what catering is.  These articles will give you a better understanding on what is expected and what to expected from you when you hire/book a caterer or food truck.

Now let’s dive into some reasons why you should use our site to find the Perfect Caterer and/or food truck.

  1. Using our service is 100% free and there is no obligations to use it.
  2. You can select the region and the type of food you would like to have at your event.
  3. We have over 100 caterers and food trucks in our system.
  4. Saves you a lot of time!  Instead of finding contact information for each caterer or food truck one at a time, you can fill out one form, sit back and let the service providers contact you.  Usually within an hour you should get a response.
  5. Easy to find caterers or food trucks even if your not from this part of the world but have an event that needs food.
  6. Although we take no responsibility for the actions of caterers or food trucks, we do remove any service providers that continually have negative reviews.  Thus helping limit the possibility of hiring a bad service provider.  They do exist!
  7. If you are working for TV/Movie sets and want to free up more time to focus on your already busy schedule, we can certainly help!  
  8. For Schools bookings, you can save time and wages by simply filing out one form and being done with it.

We could probably list 10 more things but we think you get the point. Using our service takes less then 2 minutes, there are no fees and no obligations. Give it a shot today you won’t be disappointed.